Carey Manufacturing Inc:

Since 1981, we’ve been supplying catches, latches, and handles for military, aerospace, computer, electronics, telecom, automotive, and consumer applications. In addition to an expanding global sourcing network, we own and operate a 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Cromwell, Connecticut.

In 1993, Carey expanded our product line by purchasing the Winchester/USECO handle and knobs line. We expanded again in 2003 by purchasing Amatom Electronic Hardware. In 2015, we reshored our manufacturing from China to our Cromwell, CT facility with an investment in Trumpf machinery. We are fully dedicated to manufacturing our products in the USA. Many make the claim of ‘Made in the USA’, but few can back it up. We can.

Our materials include aluminum, brass, steel, and stainless steel with more than 35 decorative finishes. We offer powder coat finishes in more than 50 colors and textures. We provide un-plated, plated, and custom-design samples and technical information for engineering and evaluation. We offer all of our products in metric and American standard dimensions as well as modified and custom parts.

Our customers depend on us to offer high quality products, competitive prices, reasonable lead-times, and dependable service, as well as contract manufacturing for CNC machined parts and assemblies.

At Carey Manufacturing, latch onto us, because we can handle it!

Phone: 866-813-0220Fax: 860-829-1932 • Email: sales@careymfg.com

Amatom Electronic Hardware:

Amatom Electronic Hardware has a history of product and service excellence that spans more than 50 years and a reputation for ingenuity and dependability. We abide by our traditions, even as we respond and adapt to an ever-changing global marketplace.

Amatom was founded in 1957 by Lowell Abeles in New Rochelle, New York, beginning as a broker for manufacturers serving metro New York and Long Island. In 1960, Lowell began to add in-house secondary machines capable of modifying purchased parts to meet customer requirements. By 1962, he’d completed Amatom’s transition to a full-service manufacturer.

In the mid-‘60s, Lowell introduced “The Bible of the Electronic Hardware Industry” – the Amatom Electronic Hardware Reference Manual. A precursor to today’s online reference guides, the Manual established Amatom as the go-to source for industry parts.

Part of Carey Manufacturing since 2003, we’ve grown to become a worldwide supplier of electronic hardware, serving manufacturers and assembly markets.

Amatom. The original and the best.

Phone: 800-243-6032Fax: 860-828-0381 • Email: sales@amatom.com